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Lmao you tagged the creepy boys anthem text post with boys wanting to hug you at school but be honest with yourself, y'all just a bunch of annoying in-your-face lesbians everyone tries to avoid. Disgusting.

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Wowee where do I even start.

1. Most of us aren’t lesbians. I’m pansexual, my girlfriend is pansexual, others identify as bi, among other identities, not all of us are even girls, and quite a few of our friends are actually straight too (but still feel uncomfortable with certain boys and their ‘can’t I have a hug’ bullshit). I know you meant it as an umbrella term for girls who like girls but that needs to stop don’t erase my sexuality thanks bye.

2. Did you mean that no boys want to hug us or just that you don’t care about us because we’re “annoying lesbians”??? Because let me tell you that there are two boys on my mind right now who say that shit to me and my friends all the time and here’s the thing it’s usually after they say something offensive or when they’ve been bugging you and you’re just trying to get away from them.

3. People can avoid us if they want to that’s fine whatever good. You’re allowed to not like people and avoiding confrontation with those people is really a pretty good way to go about dealing with it. See #2 if you still think this means there aren’t creepy boys who want hugs.

4. If you mean in your face about being a “lesbian” then I’m sorry but you need to reevaluate because we’re definitely way less in your face about that than straight people are with their heterosexuality. (Notice the lack of people making out in front of y’all among my friends and then notice there are many more straight couples pulling that bullshit, for example). If not then idk what to tell you man.

5. Annoying? Alright I see where you’re coming from, but as much as this is perhaps the most accurate assertion made in your argument, it’s incredibly irrelevant to your point.

6. Who the fuck are you like gtfo

The fuck is this asshole? Get the fuck out if you are going to insult someone have the balls to do it off anon

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